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TTB Vol. 1 "Time Bears" TTB Vol. 1 "Time Bears"

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Not straight.

Got problems? Left click and play! You need to do this if the movie freezes for you. It's not the author's fault, It's your flash player... or something.

Quality movie and I agree, bears are back! This movie oozes gay vibes and I like it! Is this a one off or will there be more? I hope there is.

altffour responds:

There will be more

Crazy Talk Crazy Talk

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I really enjoyed watching this. Short but crisp. Shame about the sound but it didn't matter too much, at least you've sorted the problem now. (Streaming shouldn't create lag. If your sound is distorted you need to get better recording equipment or change the settings in your Flash document). Was this a real situation that happened between two friends? If so, it's pretty cool how you made an animation out of it.

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SBC goes to Hollywood SBC goes to Hollywood

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Really gay!

An awesome anti clock movie. Voices are really good. Also a nice view point of sbc. It's nice to see something different from "OMG, sbc king of the portal". This movie has some real charm in it.

Yoshi's ideal job Yoshi's ideal job

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Well done

You have made yourself a very acceptable first flash movie, congrats ^_^
The story line was pretty basic but you managed to work with it swiftly. The music was, what would be expected from a Mario movie. You didn’t include any violence, which I admirer you for, a lot of flash movies resort to blood shed to get a higher score. I would have used sprits from one particular game instead of many but it still worked well together.

Some pointers which might help you with your next flash movie:
- Work on you drawing skills
- Try other animation techniques, other then animating spites
- Take some time into drawing out some ideas/storylines/character designs before starting a flash movie
- Practice makes perfect so keep up the good work

*If you ever need any more help, I would be more then glad to give you a few more tips. Well, I can at least point you in the direction you need to go*
PM me ;D

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MiCrOsCo-PuCe responds:

Thanks for the tips!!! When I make my next animation and if I have a problem, I will send you a message. You must be a professional, no???