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Yu-Gi-Oh! Part One

2008-08-27 05:19:41 by Soya

Yu-Gi-Oh! # - G

100,000 Gauss! 3-Hump Lacooda 30,000-Year White Turtle (Ancient W. Turtle) 4-Starred Ladybug of Doom 5 Star Twilight 7 7 Colored Fish 7 Completed 8-Claws Scorpion "A" Cell Breeding Device "A" Cell Incubator "A" Cell Scatter Burst A Cat of Ill Omen A Deal with Dark Ruler A Feather of the Phoenix A Feint Plan A Hero Arrives A Hero Emerges A Legendary Ocean A Man with Wdjat A Rival Appears! A Wingbeat of Giant Dragon A-Counter A-Team: Trap Disposal Unit Abaki Abare Ushioni Absolute End (Absolute Fate Determination Force) Absolute Zero Barrier Absorbing Kid from the Sky Abyss Flower Abyss Soldier Abyssal Designator Abyssal Kingshark (Accel Zone) Accumulated Fortune (Ace of Sword) Ace of Wand Acid Crawler Acid Rain (Stain Storm) Acidic Downpour Acid Slime Acid Trap Hole Acrobat Monkey Active Guard Adamantine Sword Revival (Sword Revival) Adhesion Trap Hole Adhesive Explosive Advanced Crystal Beast Amber Mammoth Advanced Crystal Beast Amethyst Cat Advanced Crystal Beast Cobalt Eagle Advanced Crystal Beast Emerald Tortoise Advanced Crystal Beast Ruby Carbuncle Advanced Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus Advanced Crystal Beast Topaz Tiger Advanced Dark Advanced Ritual Art Advanced Shield Aegis of Gaia Aeris Aero Nail Aetonyx Flame After the Struggle (After Genocide) (Aftereffect of Impact) (Agathion) Agido Aid to the Doomed Air Eater (Inhaler) Air Fortress Ziggurat Airknight Parshath Aitsu Akakieisu (Akaoni) Akashic Record Akihiron Alchemical Experiments (Alchemy Beast - Eatos the Tin) (Alchemy Beast - Echeneis the Mercury) Alchemy Beast - Leon the Lead (Alchemy Beast - Moonface the Silver) Alchemy Beast - Ouroboros the Bronze Alchemy Beast - Salamandra the Steel Alchemy Cycle Alert Alice the Wandering Doll Alien Grey Alien Hunter Alien Hypno Alien Infiltrator Alien Mars Alien Mother Alien Psychic Alien Shocktrooper Alien Skull Alien Telepath Alien Warrior Alinsection All-Out Attacks Allegro Toile (Alligator Token) Alligator's Sword Alligator's Sword Dragon Allure of Darkness Allure Queen LV3 Allure Queen LV5 Allure Queen LV7 (Ally Blast) (Ally of Justice Blind Sucker) (Ally of Justice Caladbolg) (Ally of Justice Claíomh Solais) (Ally of Justice Cyclone Creator) (Ally of Justice Katastol) (Ally of Justice Light Gazer) (Ally of Justice Rudra) (Ally of Justice Thousand Arms) (Ally of Justice Thunder Armor) (Ally of Justice Unknown Crusher) Alpha The Magnet Warrior (Alpha-Wave Emission) Altar for Tribute Altar of Mist Altar of Restoration Alternate Fusion Amazon Archer Amazon of the Seas Amazoness Archers Amazoness Arena (Amazoness Death Ring) Amazoness Blowpiper Amazoness Call Amazoness Chain Master Amazoness Charm Amazoness Fighter Amazoness Paladin Amazoness Spellcaster Amazoness Swords Woman (Amazoness Sword) Amazoness Tiger Amazoness Trainer Amber Crystal Circle Amber Pitfall Ambulance Rescueroid Ambulanceroid Ambush Fangs Ambush Shield (Intercepting Shield) Ameba Amorphous Barrier Amphibian Angel Amphibian Beast Amphibious Bugroth Amphibious Bugroth MK-3 Amplifier Amulet Dragon (Amulet of Affection) Amulet of Ambition An Owl of Luck An Unfortunate Report Anagora Anchor Bind Anchor Knight Ancient Brain Ancient City Ancient City - Rainbow Ruins Ancient Dragon Ancient Elf (Ancient Fairy Dragon) (Ancient Forest) Ancient Gate Ancient Gear Ancient Gear Beast Ancient Gear Cannon Ancient Gear Castle Ancient Gear Drill Ancient Gear Engineer Ancient Gear Explosive Ancient Gear Factory Ancient Gear Fist Ancient Gear Gadjiltron Chimera Ancient Gear Gadjiltron Dragon Ancient Gear Golem Ancient Gear Knight Ancient Gear Soldier Ancient Gear Tank (Ancient Gear Artillery) Ancient Gear Workshop Ancient Giant Ancient Jar Ancient Key Ancient Lamp Ancient Lizard Warrior (Old Lizard Warrior) Ancient One of the Deep Forest Ancient Rules Ancient Sorcerer Ancient Telescope Ancient Tome Ancient Tool Ancient Tree of Enlightenment Andro Sphinx Angel Blast (Angel O1) Angel O7 (Angel 07) (Angel Ring) Angel Wing Angler Fat Fish Ansatsu (Ant Lion) (Ant Lion's Retribution) Ante Anteatereatingant Anthrosaurus Anti-Air Cannon Anti-Aircraft Flower Anti-Fusion Device Anti-Ground Cannon Anti-Magic Arrows Anti-Spell Anti-Spell Fragrance Anti Raigeki Apple of Enlightenment (Apport) Apprentice Magician Appropriate Aqua Chorus Aqua Dragon Aqua Madoor Aqua Serpent Aqua Snake Aqua Spirit Aquarian Alessa Arcana Call Arcana Force 0 - The Fool Arcana Force EX - The Dark Ruler Arcana Force EX - The Light Ruler Arcana Force I - The Magician Arcana Force III - The Empress Arcana Force IV - The Emperor Arcana Force VI - The Lovers Arcana Force VII - The Chariot Arcana Force VIII - The Strength Arcana Force XII - The Hangman Arcana Force XIV - Temperance Arcana Force XV - The Fiend Arcana Force XVIII - The Moon Arcana Force XXI - The World Arcana Knight Joker (Alkana Knight Joker) (Arcanatic Dreadscythe) Arcane Archer of the Forest Archeonys (Archfiend Banderillero) (Banderillo Fiend) Archfiend General Archfiend Marmot of Nefariousness (Air Marmot of Nefariousness) (Archfiend Matador) (Matador Fiend; Demons Matador) (Archfiend Mirror) (Wicked Mirror) Archfiend of Gilfer (Beast of Gilfer) (Archfiend Picador) (Picador Fiend) Archfiend Soldier Archfiend's Oath Archfiend's Roar Archlord Zerato Arduous Decision Aria From Beyond Arlownay Arma Knight Armageddon Knight Armaill Armament of the Lethal Lords (Armament Reincarnation) Armed Changer Armed Dragon LV3 Armed Dragon LV5 Armed Dragon LV7 Armed Dragon LV10 Armed Ninja Armed Samurai - Ben Kei Armer Armor Break Armor Breaker Armor Exe Armor Wizard Pazoo Armored Centipede Armored Cybern Armored Dragon Armored Glass Armored Gravitation Armored Lizard Armored Rat Armored Starfish Armored Zombie Armoroid Armorsaurus (Arms Aid) (Arms Hole) Army Ant Token (Soldier Ari) Array of Revealing Light Arsenal Bug Arsenal Robber Arsenal Summoner Ashinigray (Ashoka Pillar) Assault Armor (Assault Blasthound) Assault Cannon Beetle Assault Lion Assault on GHQ Astral Barrier (Astral Shift) Asura Priest Aswan Apparition Athena Atlantean Pikeman Atomic Firefly Attachment Dragon Attack and Receive Attack Guidance Armor Attack Guidance Barrier Attack Reflector Unit (Attribute Blast) (Attribute Chameleon) (Attribute Gravity) (Attribute Mastery) Attrition Aura Armor Aurkus, Lightsworn Druid Aussa the Earth Charmer (Automatic Giant) Autonomous Action Unit Avalanching Aussa Avatar of the Pot Avenging Knight Parshath Awakening from Beyond Axe of Despair (Axe Dragonuit) (Axe Dragonute) Axe Raider Ayers Rock Sunrise (Airs Rock Sunrise) Aztekipede, the Worm Warrior B. Dragon Jungle King B. Skull Dragon {B. Skull Dragon} B.E.S. Assault Core (Armored Core) B.E.S. Covered Core B.E.S. Crystal Core B.E.S. Tetran Baby Dragon Babycerasaurus Bacchus Bacchus Banquet Back to Square One Backdraft Backfire Backs to the Wall Backup Gardna Backup Soldier Bad Reaction to Simochi (Simochi Allergy) Bait Doll Ballista of Rampart Smashing Balloon Lizard Bamboo Man (Bamboo Shoot Frame) Banisher of the Light Banisher of the Radiance Banner of Courage Bark of Dark Ruler Baron of the Fiend Sword Barox Barrel Behind the Door Barrel Dragon Barrel Lily Barrel Rock Barricade Barrier Statue of the Abyss Barrier Statue of the Drought Barrier Statue of the Heavens Barrier Statue of the Inferno Barrier Statue of the Stormwinds Barrier Statue of the Torrent Basic Insect Bastet Bat Battery Charger Batteryman AA Batteryman C Batteryman Charger Batteryman D Batteryman Industrial Strength Batteryman Micro-Cell Battle By 2 Battle Claw Fox Battle Constant Battle Footballer Battle Fusion Battle of Sleeping Spirits Battle Ox Battle Steer Battle Tuned Battle Warrior Battle-Scarred (Battlefield Tragedy) (Battlemania) Batty Bau Bazoo the Soul-Eater Beaked Snake Bean Soldier Bear Trap Beast Fangs Beast King Barbaros Beast of Talwar Beast of the Pharaoh Beast Soul Swap (Beast Tracks) Beastking of the Swamps Beastly Mirror Ritual Beautiful Beast Trainer Beautiful Headhuntress Beauty Lip Beaver Warrior Beckon to Darkness (Beckon to the Dark) Beckoning Light Beelze Frog Beeton Beetron-1 Beetletop Beetron-2 Beetleturbo Beetron-3 Spider Base Begone, Knave! Behegon Behemoth the King of All Animals Beiige, Vanguard of Dark World Belial - Marquis of Darkness Berfomet (Baphomet) Berserk Dragon Berserk Gorilla (Berserk Mode) (Berserker Crush) Berserker Soul Beta The Magnet Warrior Bickuribox Big Bang Blow Big Bang Dragon Blow Big Bang Shot Big Burn Big Core Big Evolution Pill (Big Evolution) Big Eye Big Foot Big Insect Big Koala Big Piece Golem Big Server Big Shield Gardna Big Summon Cloud Big Vintage Magna Mutton (Big Volcano) Big Wave Small Wave Big-Tusked Mammoth Binding Chain Bio Plant Bio-Mage (Bird King Alector) Birdface Birthright Bit Shoot Bite Shoes Bitelon (Black Garden) Black Hole Shield Black Horn of Heaven Black Illusion Ritual (Black Knight of Dark Dragon) Black Luster Ritual Black Luster Soldier Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning Black Magic Ritual (Dark Magic Ritual) Black Mamba Black Pendant Black Process - Negledo Black Ptera Black Rose Dragon Black Shield Black Stego Black Tyranno Black Veloci Blackland Fire Dragon (Dragon of Darkness; Dark Dragon King) Blade Knight Blade Rabbit Blade Skater Bladefly Blast Asmodian Blast Held by a Tribute (Blast Dragon) Blast Juggler Blast Lizard (Bomb Lizard) Blast Magician (Blast Remover) Blast Sphere Blast with Chain Blasting Fuse Blasting the Ruins Blasting Vein Blaze Accelerator Blazewing Butterfly Blazing Hiita Blazing Inpachi Bless of Moonlight Blessings of the Nile Blind Destruction Blindly Loyal Goblin (Blizzard Curtain) Blizzard Dragon (Blizzard Warrior) Block Attack Block Token Blocken Blocker Blockman (Block Man; The Blockman) (Blonde Wave) Blood Sucker Blowback Dragon Blue Flame Swordsman Blue Head Blue Medicine Blue Moon (Blue on Blue) Blue Scizzar Blue Thunder T-45 Blue-Eyed Silver Zombie Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon Blue-Eyes Tyrant Dragon Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon Blue-Eyes White Dragon {Blue-Eyes White Dragon} Blue-Eyes White Dragon - Azrael Blue-Eyes White Dragon - Djibril Blue-Eyes White Dragon - Iblis (Blue-Eyes White Dragon - Ibris) Blue-Winged Crown Boar Soldier Boil Man Bokoichi, the Freightening Car Bolt Escargot Bolt Penguin Bomb Token Bombardment Beetle Bonding - H2O Bone Mouse Bone Turtle Boneheimer Bonfire Boo Koo Boobytrap Book of Eclipse Book of Life Book of Moon Book of Secret Arts Book of Taiyou (Boomerang Boy) (Boomerang Elf) Boot-Up Soldier - Dread Dynamo Boss Rush Botanical Lion (Botanity Girl) (Botis) Bottom Dweller Bottomless Shifting Sand Bottomless Trap Hole Boulder Tortoise Bounce (Magic Transfer) Bountiful Artemis Bowganian Bracchio-Raidus Brachyon Brain Control Brain Crusher Brain Dragon Brain Jacker Brain Slime Brainwashing Beam Branch! Brave Attack Brave Scizzar Break the Seal Breaker the Magical Warrior Breakthrough! Breath of Light (Wind of the Gods) Brigadier of Landstar (Rifleman of Landstar) Broken Bamboo Sword Broken Blocker Bronze Knight Token Bronze Knights Bronze Scale Bronze Warrior Broww, Huntsman of Dark World Brron, Mad King of Dark World Brutal Potion Bubble Blaster Bubble Crash Bubble Illusion Bubble Rod Bubble Shuffle Bubonic Vermin Burden of the Mighty Burglar Burial from a Different Dimension (Burial from the Different Dimension) Buried Destiny Buried Soul Talisman Burning Algae Burning Beast Burning Knuckle (Burning) Burning Land Burning Phoenix (Burning Skull Head) Burning Soul Sword Burning Spear Burst Breath Burst Impact Burst Return Burst Stream of Destruction Bushido Counter Buster Armor Buster Blader Buster Knuckle Buster Pyle Buster Rancher (Buster Thousand) (Buster Trap) Butterfly Dagger - Elma By Order of the Emperor Byroad Sacrifice Byser Des (Viser Des) Byser Shock (Viser Shock, Cyber Shock) (Cabrera Stone) Caius the Shadow Monarch Call of Darkness (Call of the Dark) Call of the Earthbound (Earthbound Spirit's Invitation; Ghost Beckoning) Call of the Grave Call of the Haunted Call of the Mummy (Camellia Titanielle) Camouflage Gardna Candelato, the Beast of Light Candle of Fate (Candle of Destiny) Cannon Soldier Cannon Soldier MK-2 Cannonball Spear Shellfish Canyon (Fault Zone) Captain Leo Capture Snare Carat Idol Carboneddon Card Blocker Card Destruction Card Ejector (Card Excluder) Card Exchange (Card Fixative) (Card Flipper) Card Guard Card from a Different Dimension Card Loan Card of Demise Card of Last Will Card of Reversal Card of Safe Return Card of Sanctity Card of Variation Card Shuffle Card Trader Card Trooper Carrierroid Carrotman (Cassimolar) Castle Gate Castle Walls Castle of Dark Illusions (Castle of D. Magic) Cat's Ear Tribe (Catapult) Catnipped Kitty Catapult Turtle Cave Dragon (Cayenne - Envoy of the Underworld Token) (Emissary of Darkness Token) Ceasefire Celebration of Creation Celestia, Lightsworn Angel (Celestial Gate) Celestial Sword - Eatos (Divine Goddess Sword - Aetos) Celestial Transformation Cell Division Cell Division Token Cell Explosion Virus Celri, Monk of Dark World Celtic Guardian Cemetery Bomb Cemetery Change Centrifugal Field Ceremonial Bell Cestus of Dagla (Sword of Dogra) Chain Burst (Chain Coil) Chain Destruction Chain Detonation Chain Disappearance (Chain Dragon) Chain Energy Chain Healing Chain Material Chain of the Underworld (Chain Repairer) (Chain Shooter) (Chain Snake) Chain Strike Chain Summoning Chain Thrasher Chainsaw Insect Chakra Chamberlain of the Six Samurai (Chameleon Colored) Change! Mecha Ojama King Change of Heart Change of Hero - Reflector Ray (Reflector Ray) (Change the Odds) Change Slime Chaos Barrier Field Chaos Blaze Chaos Burst Chaos Command Magician Chaos Core Chaos Distill (Chaos Distiller; Alchemic Kettle - Chaos Distill) Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End Chaos End Chaos Form Chaos Greed Chaos Necromancer Chaos Phantasm Armityle (Armityle the Chaos Phantom) Chaos Sorcerer (Chaos-End Master) Chaosrider Gustaph Charcoal Inpachi Charge Charge of the Light Brigade Charm of Lamentation Charm of Shabti Charubin the Fire Knight (Chase Scud) Chasm of Spikes (Chasm with Spikes) Checkmate Chick Bomb Chimaera, the Master of Beasts (Chimera the Flying Phantom Beast) (Chimera the Flying Mythical Beast) Chimeratech Fortress Dragon Chimeratech Overdragon Chiron the Mage Chopman the Desperate Outlaw Chorus of Sanctuary Chosen One (Chronic Deja Vu) Chronicle Counter Chrysalis Chicky Chrysalis Dolphin Chrysalis Mole Chrysalis Larva Chrysalis Pantail (Cocoon Panther) Chrysalis Pinny Chthonian Alliance Chthonian Blast Chthonian Emperor Dragon Chthonian Polymer Chthonian Soldier (Chthonian Sword) Chu-Ske the Mouse Fighter Chun-Chun Cinderella Claret Note Class System Claw Reacher Clay Charge Clay Wrap Cleansing Water (Clear Cube) (Clear Phantom) (Clear Rage Golem) (Clear Tribute) (Clear Vicious Knight) (Clear Vise Dragon) (Clear Wall) (Clear World) Cliff the Trap Remover Climax Hour Cloak and Dagger Clock Counter Clock Tower Prison Clockwork Night Clone Dragon Clone Slime Clone Token Cloning (Clone Duplication) Cloudian - Acid Cloud Cloudian - Altus Cloudian - Eye of the Typhoon Cloudian - Ghost Fog Cloudian - Cirrostratus Cloudian - Nimbusman Cloudian - Poison Cloud Cloudian - Sheep Cloud Cloudian - Smoke Ball Cloudian - Storm Dragon Cloudian - Turbulence Cloudian Squall Cloudian Token (Sheep Cloud Token) Clown Zombie (Zombie Clown) Coach Goblin Cobal, Excavator of Dark World Cobra Jar Cobrada Cobraman Sakuzy Cockroach Knight Cocoon of Evolution Cocoon Party Cocoon Rebirth Cocoon Veil (Code Change) Coffin Seller Cold Enchanter Cold Fusion Cold Sleeper Cold Wave (Collapsed Power) Collected Power Colossal Fighter Colosseum - Cage of the Gladiator Beasts Combat Scissor Beetle Combination Attack Combo Fighter Combo Master Comic Hand Command Angel Command Knight (Tactical Warrior) Command Silencer (Commander Covington) Commencement Dance Common Charity Common Sacrifice Common Soul (Comparable Level) Compensation Mediation Compulsory Evacuation Device Conduction Warrior Linear Magnum ± Confiscation (Confusion Chaff) Conscription (Consumed Power) Contact Contact Out Contact Soul Contagion of Madness Contingency Fee Continuous Destruction Punch Construct of Mask (Contract of Mask) Contract with Exodia Contract with the Abyss Contract with the Dark Master Convert Contact Convulsion of Nature Copy Doll (Copy Plant) Copy Token Copycat (Mimic Illusionist) Corroding Shark Corruption Cell "A" Cosmic Horror Gangi'el (Cosmic Space) Cosmo Queen Cosmo Queen's Prayer Cost Down Counselor Lily (Countdown to the End) Counter Cleaner Counter Counter Counter Spice Cumin Counterattack! (Counterattack Beacon) Counterbalance (All Killing Death Card) Courageous Charge Covering Fire Crab King Crab Turtle Cranium Fish Crass Clown Crater Creator Crawling Dragon Crawling Dragon #2 Crazy Fish (Crazy Summon Gear) Creature Seizure Creature Swap Creeping Doom Manta Crest Burn Crest Counter Crimson Ninja Crimson Sentry Crimson Sunbird Crimson Token Criosphinx Crocozaurus (Crocosaurus) Crop Circles Cross Change Cross Counter (Cross Counter-Trap) Cross Heart Cross Porter Cross Shift Crow Goblin Crow Tengu Crown of Command Crush Card Virus (Crush Card; Deck Destruction Virus) Cry Havoc! Crystal Abundance Crystal Beacon (Tempt to the Crystal) Crystal Beast Amber Mammoth Crystal Beast Amethyst Cat Crystal Beast Cobalt Eagle Crystal Beast Emerald Tortoise Crystal Beast Ruby Carbuncle Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus Crystal Beast Topaz Tiger Crystal Blessing Crystal Counter Crystal Counter (Counter Crystal) Crystal Flash Crystal Promise (Crystal Fortress) (Crystal Fountain) Crystal Pair (Crystal Set) Crystal Raigeki Crystal Release Crystal Seal Crystal Seer (Crystal Skull) (Crystal Slice) Crystal Tree Cunning of the Six Samurai Cup of Ace Cup of Sealed Soul Cupid's Kiss (Cupid Kiss) Cure Mermaid Curry Fiend Roo Curry Pot Curse of Aging Curse of Anubis Curse of Darkness Curse of Dragon Curse of Fiend Curse of Millennium Shield Curse of Royal Curse of the Masked Beast Curse of the Tri-Horned Dragon Curse of Thorns Curse Transfer Cursebreaker Cursed Dollhouse (Cursed Fig) Cursed Ring Cursed Waters Level 3 Cursed Seal of the Forbidden Spell Curtain of the Dark Ones Cú Chulainn the Awakened Cyber Angel Benten Cyber Angel Dakini Cyber Angel Idaten Cyber Archfiend Cyber Barrier Dragon Cyber Blader Cyber Commander Cyber Dinosaur Cyber Dragon Cyber End Dragon Cyber Esper Cyber Falcon Cyber Gymnast Cyber Harpie Lady Cyber Jar Cyber Kirin Cyber Laser Dragon Cyber Ogre Cyber Ogre 2 Cyber Ouroboros Cyber Petit Angel Cyber Phoenix Cyber Prima Cyber Raider Cyber Repairer Cyber Saurus Cyber Shadow Gardna Cyber Shark Cyber Shield Cyber Soldier Cyber Soldier of Darkworld Cyber Summon Blaster Cyber Tutu Cyber Twin Dragon Cyber Valkyrie Cyber Valley Cyber-Stein Cyber-Tech Alligator Cyberdark Dragon Cyberdark Edge Cyberdark Horn Cyberdark Impact! Cyberdark Keel Cybernetic Cyclopean Cybernetic Fusion Support Cybernetic Hidden Technology Cybernetic Magician Cybernetic Zone Cyclon Laser (Cyclon Wing) Cyclone Blade Cyclone Boomerang Cycroid D Counter (D - Acceleration) D - Boost D - Burst D - Chain D - Counter D - Cubic D - Force D - Formation D - Fortune D - Mind D - Shield D - Spirit D - Time D. Human D. Tribe D.3.S. Frog D.D. Assailant D.D. Borderline D.D. Crazy Beast D.D. Crow D.D. Designator D.D. Dynamite D.D. Guide D.D. Scout Plane D.D. Survivor D.D. Trainer D.D. Trap Hole D.D. Warrior (Dimensional Warrior; Dimensional Knight) D.D. Warrior Lady D.D.M. - Different Dimension Master D.D.R. - Different Dimension Reincarnation Damage = Reptile (Damage Capture) (Damage Interest) Damage Condenser Damage Polarizer (Damage Polylizer) Damage-Off Zone Dancing Elf Dancing Fairy Dandylion (Dandelion) Dangerous Machine Type-6 Dark Archetype Dark Arena Dark Armed Dragon Dark Artist Dark Assailant Dark Auction Dark Balter the Terrible Dark Bat Dark Blade Dark Blade the Dragon Knight Dark Bribe Dark Calling Dark Cat with White Tail Dark Catapulter Dark Chimera Dark City Dark Coffin Dark Computer Virus Dark Core Dark Creator (God of Darkness - Dark God) Dark Creator Token (Dark God Token) Dark Crusader Dark Cure Dark Deal Dark Designator Dark Dragon Ritual Dark Driceratops Dark Dust Spirit Dark Effigy Dark Element Dark Elf Dark Energy Dark Eradicator Warlock Dark Eruption Dark Eye Stalker Dark Factory of Mass Production Dark Flare Knight Dark Fusion Dark General Freed Dark Gray Dark Grepher Dark Guardian Dark Hole Dark Horus Dark Hunter Dark Illusion Dark Illusion Dark Jeroid Dark King of the Abyss Dark Lucius LV4 Dark Lucius LV6 Dark Lucius LV8 Dark Magic Attack Dark Magic Curtain Dark Magic Portal Dark Magic Retribution Dark Magician Dark Magician (Dark Magician #2) Dark Magician Girl Dark Magician Girl the Dragon Knight Dark Magician Knight Dark Magician of Chaos Dark Master - Zorc Dark Mimic LV1 Dark Mimic LV3 Dark Mirror Force Dark Necrofear Dark Nephthys Dark Paladin Dark Paseo (Ritual of the Advent of the Matador, Dark Paseo; Ritual of the Matador) Dark Plant Dark Prisoner (Dark Psycho Eye) Dark Rabbit Dark Red Enchanter Dark Renewal (Coffin of Dark Resurrection) Dark Resonator Dark Room of Nightmare Dark Ruler Ha Des Dark Sage Dark Sanctuary Dark Scorpion - Chick the Yellow Dark Scorpion - Gorg the Strong Dark Scorpion - Meanae the Thorn Dark Scorpion Burglars Dark Scorpion Combination Dark Scorpion Tragedy of Love (Black Scorpion, Tragedy of Love) (Dark Shabti) (Dark Ushebti) Dark Shade (Dark Simorgh) Dark Snake Syndrome Dark Spear Dark Spell Regeneration (Revival of the Dark) Dark Spirit Art - Greed Dark Spirit of the Silent Dark Summoning Beast Dark Titan of Terror Dark Token Dark Tournament Dark Tyranno (Black Tyranno) Dark Valkyria Dark Wall of Wind Dark Witch Dark World Dealings Dark World Grimoire Dark World Lightning Dark Zebra (Dark-End Dragon) Dark-Eyes Illusionist Dark-Piercing Light Darkbishop Archfiend Darkblaze Dragon Darkfire Dragon Darkfire Soldier #1 Darkfire Soldier #2 Darklord Zerato (Darkness) (Darkness 1) (Darkness 2) (Darkness 3) Darkness Approaches (Darkness Bramble) (Darkness Destroyer) (Darkness Eye) (Darkness Gear - Gokuen) Darkness Half (Darkness Necroslime) (Darkness Neosphere) (Darkness Outsider) (Darkness Raincrow) (Darkness Seed) (Darkness Slime) Darknight Parshath Darkworld Thorns Data Brain Dawnbreak Gardna (Dazzling Radiance) De-Fusion (De-Polymerization) De-Spell (Cursebreaker) De-Synchro Deal of Phantom Debris Station Decayed Commander Deck Destruction Virus Deck Devastation Virus Deck Lockdown Declaration of Despair Decoy Baby Decoy Dragon Decoyroid Dedication through Light and Darkness Deep Diver (Deep Forest) Deepest Impact Deepsea Macrotrema Deepsea Shark Deepsea Warrior Defense Draw Defense Iceberg Defense Maiden Defense Seal Wall Defense Wall Defensive Tactics Degenerate Circuit (Deja Vu) Dekoichi The Battlechanted Locomotive (Delay Summoning) Delinquent Duo Delta Attacker Delta Barrier (Delta Reactor) Demand Man (Demise and Rebirth) Demise Lord Demise of the Land Demise, King of Armageddon Demiurge Ema Demonis Demotion (Des Accel) Des Counterblow Des Croaking Des Dendle Des Feral Imp (Dark Gremlin) Des Frog (Des Hand) Des Kangaroo Des Koala Des Lacooda Des Mosquito Des Volstgalph Des Wombat Desert Sunlight (Desert Trapdoor Spider) Desert Twister Desertapir Despair from the Dark Desperado Manager (Desperate Battle) Despised Reality Desrook Archfiend Destiny Board (Forbidden Board) Destiny Draw Destiny End Dragoon Destiny Hero - Blade Master Destiny Hero - Captain Tenacious Destiny Hero - Celestial Destiny Hero - Dasher Destiny Hero - Defender Destiny Hero - Departed Destiny Hero - Diamond Dude Destiny Hero - Disk Commander Destiny Hero - Dogma Destiny Hero - Doom Lord Destiny Hero - Double Dude Destiny Hero - Dread Servant Destiny Hero - Dreadmaster Destiny Hero - Dunker Destiny Hero - Fear Monger Destiny Hero - Malicious Destiny Hero - Plasma (Destiny Hero Bloo-d) Destiny Hero - The Dark Angel Destiny Mirage Destiny Signal Destroyer Golem Destroyersaurus (Destruction Cloud) Destruction Cyclone Destruction Jammer Destruction of Destiny Destruction Punch Destruction Ring Destructive Draw Destructotron Detonator Circle "A" Deuce Dharc the Dark Charmer Dharma Cannon Diabolos, King of the Abyss Diabound Diabound Kernel Diamond-Dust Cyclone Diamond Head Dragon Dian Keto the Cure Master Dice Armadillo Dice Field Dice Jar Dice Mantis (Kamakiriman) Dice Re-Roll Dice Try! Different Dimension Capsule Different Dimension Dragon Different Dimension Gate Different Dimension Hangar Diffusion Wave-Motion Dig Beak Dimension Distortion Dimension Explosion Dimension Fusion Dimension Fusion Destruction Dimension Jar Dimension Wall Dimensional Alchemist Dimensional Catapult Dimensional Fissure Dimensional Inversion Dimensional Prison Dimensionhole Dino Stomp (Dinoblast) Dinosaur Wing (Direct Border) Disappear Disarm Disarmament Disc Fighter Disciple of the Forbidden Spell (Discord Counter) Disgraced Mage Disgraceful Charity (Disguised Fighting Insect) Disk Magician Diskblade Rider Dissolverock Disturbance Strategy Divination of Fate Divine Chalice Divine Dragon Ragnarok Divine Dragon - Excelion (Divine Evolution) Divine Knight Ishzark (Holy Knight Ishzark) Divine Serpent Divine Sword - Phoenix Blade Divine Wind Divine Wrath Dizzy Angel (Drunken Angel) Dizzy Tiger (Drunken Tiger) Djinn the Watcher of the Wind (Wind Djinn) (DNA Destruction) DNA Surgery (DNA Testing) DNA Transplant Doble Passe Doctor Cranium Doctor D Doitsu Dokuroizo the Grim Reaper Dokurorider Dokuroyaiba Doll Chimera Doll Hammer Doll of Demise Doll Part Blue Doll Part Gold Doll Part Pink Doll Part Red Doma The Angel of Silence (Domain of the Dark King) Domino Effect Don Turtle Don Zaloog (Doom Castle) (Devil Castle) Doom Dozer (Doom Emperor Dragon) Doom Shaman Doom Virus Dragon Doomcaliber Knight (Skull Descovery Knight; Death Knight Deathcalibur) Doomsday Horror Doomsday Token Door to Mirrorland (Doppel Gainer) Doppelganger (Mimicat) Doppelganger Token Dora of Fate Doriado (Dryad) Doriado's Blessing Dormant Volcano Doron (Drone) Dorover Double Attack Double Cloth Armor Double Coston Double Dude Token Double Fusion Double It! Double Magical Arm Bind Double Snare Double Spell Double Summon Double Tag Team Double-Edged Sword Technique Dowsing Burn Drabomb Dragged Down into the Grave (Michizure of Doom; Traveling Companion of the Open Grave) Dragon Capture Jar (Dragon Evolution) Dragon Gust Dragon Heart Dragon Ice Dragon Lady Dragon Manipulator Dragon Master Knight (Master of Dragon Soldier) Dragon Nails (Dark Dragon Claws; Nails of Bane) Dragon Piper Dragon Pirate Soldier Dragon Revival Ritual Dragon Seeker Dragon Statue (Dragon Switch) Dragon Token Dragon Treasure Dragon Zombie Dragon-Mail Knight Dragon's Gunfire (Dragon-Fire) Dragon's Mirror Dragon's Rage (Dragon's Unit) Dragoness the Wicked Knight Dragonic Attack Dragonic Contract (Dragonic Enrage) Dragonic Knight Dragonic Unit Ritual Dragonic Warrior (Dragonroid) (Dragonslayer) Drain Time Draining Shield (Dramatic Crossroad) Dramatic Pose Dramatic Rescue (Rescue Operation) Drastic Drop Off (Draw Blast) Draw Paradox Draw Slime Drawber Drawler Dreadscythe Harvester Dream Clown Dreamsprite Dress Up Drill Bug Drillago Drillroid Driving Snow Droll Bird Drooling Lizard Drop Off Drowsing Point Dual Gate DUCKER Mobile Cannon Duelist ID Card Duelist Name Card Duelist's Glove Dummy Golem Dummy Marker Dunames Dark Witch Dungeon Dice Dungeon Worm (Parasite Worm) Duos Duos Dragon (Drake Knight Duos Dragon) Dust Barrier Dust Tornado Dweller in the Depths Dynabase Dynatank E Force E N Shuffle E - Emergency Call Eagle Eye Earth Chant Earth Effigy Earthbound Spirit Earthquake Earthshaker Eatgaboon (EBE Abductor) (EBE Epsilon) (EBE Token) Ebon Magician Curran Ectoplasmer Edge Hammer (Effect Shut) Egg Uncle Egyptian God Slime Ehren, Lightsworn Monk Ekibyo Drakmord Eldeen Electric Lizard Electric Snake Electric Virus Electro-Whip Electromagnetic Bagworm (Electronic Bagworm) Electromagnetic Turtle (Super Electric Turtle) Elegant Egotist (Kaleidoscope) Elegant Light LV4 Element Doom Element Dragon Element Magician Element Saurus Element Soldier Element Sword Element Valkyrie Elemental Absorber Elemental Burst Elemental Hero Air Neos Elemental Hero Aqua Neos Elemental Hero Avian Elemental Hero Bladedge Elemental Hero Bubbleman Elemental Hero Burstinatrix Elemental Hero Captain Gold Elemental Hero Chaos Neos (Elemental Hero Clay Guard) (Elemental Hero Clay Guardian) Elemental Hero Clayman Elemental Hero Dark Neos Elemental Hero Darkbright (Elemental Hero Divine Neos) Elemental Hero Electrum (Elemental Hero Erikshieler) Elemental Hero Flame Wingman Elemental Hero Flare Neos (Elemental Hero Gaia) Elemental Hero Glow Neos Elemental Hero Grand Neos Elemental Hero Heat (Elemental Hero The Heat) (Elemental Hero Ice-Edge) Elemental Hero Inferno Elemental Hero Knospe Elemental Hero Lady Heat Elemental Hero Magma Neos Elemental Hero Marine Neos Elemental Hero Mariner Elemental Hero Mudballman (Elemental Hero Madballman) Elemental Hero Necroshade Elemental Hero Necroid Shaman Elemental Hero Neo Bubbleman Elemental Hero Neos Elemental Hero Neos Alius Elemental Hero Ocean Elemental Hero Phoenix Enforcer Elemental Hero Plasma Vice Elemental Hero Poison Rose Elemental Hero Prisma Elemental Hero Rampart Blaster Elemental Hero Shining Flare Wingman Elemental Hero Shining Phoenix Enforcer Elemental Hero Sparkman Elemental Hero Steam Healer Elemental Hero Storm Neos Elemental Hero Stratos Elemental Hero Tempest Elemental Hero Terra Firma Elemental Hero Thunder Giant Elemental Hero Voltic Elemental Hero Wild Wingman Elemental Hero Wildedge Elemental Hero Wildheart Elemental Hero Woodsman Elemental Mirage Elemental Mistress Doriado Elemental Recharge (Elemental Storm) Elephant Statue of Blessing Elephant Statue of Disaster Elf's Light Eliminating the League Emblem of Dragon Destroyer Emblem of the Awakening Embodiment of Apophis Embryonic Beast Emergency Evasion Emergency Provisions (Emergency Rally) Emergency Teleport (Emergency Tuning) Emes the Infinity Emissary of the Oasis Emissary of the Afterlife Emperor of Flames Emperor of Lightning Emperor of the Land and Sea (Emperor Stumme) Emperor's Staff Empress Judge Empress Mantis Enchanted Javelin Enchanting Fitting Room Enchanting Mermaid Enchanted Sword Nothung End of the World Enemy Controller Energy-Absorbing Monolith Energy Disc Energy Drain Energy Drain Enervating Mist Engine Token (Engine Tuner) Enigma the Creator Enraged Battle Ox Enraged Muka Muka Equip Shot (Equip Spell Reproduction) Eradicating Aerosol Eradicator Epidemic Virus Erda's Guidance Eria the Water Charmer (Escape) Escape from the Dark Dimension Eshila the Lovely Bisque Doll Eternal Dread Eternal Drought (Eternal Draught) Eternal Rest Eternal Reverse Etoile Cyber Eucalyptus Mole Evil Blast Evil Dragon Ananta (Ananta the Snake Dragon) Evil Hero Dark Gaia Evil Hero Infernal Gainer Evil Hero Infernal Prodigy Evil Hero Infernal Sniper Evil Hero Inferno Wing Evil Hero Lightning Golem Evil Hero Malicious Edge Evil Hero Malicious Fiend Evil Hero Wild Cyclone Evil Token (Evolution 2) (Evolution Burst) Exarion Universe Excalibur Exchange Exchange of the Spirit (Reversal of Graves) Exhausting Spell Exile of the Wicked Exiled Force Exodia the Forbidden One Exodia Necross Exodius the Ultimate

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